Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Portugal in Cairo. Here, we provide detailed information regarding our country, as well as all the necessary contacts, should you require this Embassy's assistance. 

The ties that link Portugal and Egypt are solid and have further developed in recent years. People exchanges have been growing steadily and the trade and investment flow between the two countries have also increased significantly.  It is now important to consolidate  political and diplomatic relations and to work for the future, determinedly  taking advantage of mutually beneficial opportunities.

The Embassy team works for increasing the mutual knowledge of our two countries and peoples, so as  to create the opportunities that will give an economic and cultural expression to the political relations. 

We will try to make this space useful, attractive and dynamic for all users, for those who are looking for information about Portugal or for those who want to communicate with us, to find out about the activities we carry out and the services we provide.

We definitely want this to be a place for promoting, informing,  and bringing together citizens, companies and institutions from both countries, in the service of the Portuguese and Egyptian people. 

Send us your views and suggestions.

Manuela Franco

Ambassador of Portugal

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